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Thanks for stopping by.
I hope you enjoy the Poetry.

The Poems you are about to read may change your life. They did mine. I was driving down the Highway one night, just minding my own business, actually I was singing an old Chorus, "Let God Arise." Not a care in the world, just going home after a week on the road.

While I was singing this thought kept coming to me, "why donít you sing a new song?Ē Some words came to mind so I pulled off the road and wrote two, four line verses. Back on the road I began to sing this to a tune I had never heard. For several miles I continued to sing, until a thought came, "is that all there is"? Again some words came so I pulled of the road and wrote them down. It was a Song of Praise and Worship.

Right here I must confess, I am not a poet, never read or wrote poetry, never desired to write poetry. Something happened in my spirit that night, which defies explanation. I can only say that the car was filled with the presence of God. I have believed in and served God since my youth, but that night I was literally Born Again. I had always thought I was but that night I was lifted into a realm I had never experienced. I was given a Gift and for weeks I could not stop writing poetry, three of four a day, sometimes more. It was as a River of Life flowing out of my innermost being.

The Poems on this site came out of that experience. These poems are Worship and Praise. They show forth God's Glory, express His Grace and Love and explains the work of God in and for Mankind, as I could never express it. Every one of these Anointed Poems is a message, just as much as any Anointed Sermon. If you listen while you read you will hear what I heard and SING A SONG OF PRAISE.
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Read and Worship. DRW

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